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Againsoft gives clients the benefit of ‘on-demand’ technical expertise to help them
build products they can market and distribute themselves.

Restaurant POS and Management System

Restau is the best restaurant management system with a website and mobile application. You do not need previous experience or single coding knowledge to handle this restaurant management software. You can give this responsibility to Againsoft.

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System is a web based application. This system is developed and designed to automate day to day activity of a hotel.

Accounts Management

Our Account Management System is an all-in-one accounts manager who gives you peace of mind through smooth financial operations.

ISP Management

ISP BILLING & NETWORK MANAGEMENT framework created for Internet service providers and network administrators. Againsoft provides many useful functions such as billing, invoicing, central configuration and monitoring of equipment, hotspot billing, client portals, and much more.

Hospital Management

Hospital Management System or HMS Software is mainly a system that can help to maintain any hospital activities properly and easily. Moreover, the hospital management system can be used as clinical software.