Best Software Downloads for Your Windows 11 PC

Your bright new Windows 11 set up has nearly the whole lot you want for day by day computing. Still, there are continually some excellent packages which can be continually the primary software program downloads we carry out after a clean Windows set up. While Microsoft’s new running gadget has a number of the satisfactory bundled packages (MS Paint forever!) withinside the records of Windows releases, you’ll nevertheless want some third-birthday birthday celebration apps to fill the gaps for your Windows PC. You’ll by no means need to uninstall any of those outstanding applications.

Best Software For Windows:

  • VLC Media Player (Free)
  • Google Chrome (Free)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free)
  • Malwarebytes (Free)
  • LibreOffice (Free)
  • ExpressVPN (Subscription)
  • Steam (Free)
  • BitWarden
  • WhatsApp & Telegram Desktop Apps (Free)
  • 7-Zip (Free)
  • Zoom (Free)
  • Notepad++ (Free)
  • Slack (Free)
  • Discord (Free)
  • PowerToys (Free)
  • Start11 (30-day trial, $6)
  • Google Drive for Desktop (Free)
  • DropBox
  • DaVinci Resolve (Free)


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